Friday, November 13, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

No, it is not related to Raya Haji or Raya Puasa. Its the Twilight Saga:New Moon(although its premiere is at the same weekend as Raya Haji). Finish the book already and I'm looking forward to the movie..

I love Twilight. Okay, I lied. I love Edward Cullen!!!Its a miracle if there's someone who does not drool over Edward calm persona, romantic and bla bla bla..except guys maybe, although I beg to differ considering my fiancees* admiration towards Edward(note*:he's not gay). Yeah, plot+main story plays a part but if a film have such a strong character, even we don't care about the plot as long as the character always in the scene. In other hand, we love the lovey dovey scene of Bella and Edward. We don't get enough of it in the previous film, and I'm quite sure at the end of New Moon lots of us will be craving for more.That's why I'm so eager to watch New Moon.

Besides, New Moon promise to be more action packed and its a one simple reason to ask your boyfriend to bring you for the movie(him paying of course). Its a nice combo of love+action+drama movie that i think suits everyone. New Moon could also means New Jacob(considering the transformation of his new look). From what I seen from the trailer, I think Jacob can even also give Edward a run for his money. I mean, where does that buff comes from..Can't see anywhere from the first movie. All in all, I expect New Moon to be even better than the first one.Watch this space.

Bella: Damn he's hot(no offence my beloved Edward, but hey you're the one who left me)

Thanks for reading but before I ends, I would like to post a question.Hands up for those who like to see more of Edward in New Moon?........ I rest my case..

Ps: This post is just for a pair of tickets to watch New Moon. So to Nuffie, if you are reading this..Please PICK me, please?????

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