Monday, August 8, 2011

bazar ramadhan

yesterday was my first time went to bazar ramadhan. as usual, memang ramai orang. we went to setiawangsa because this is nearest bazar with my office. oh, this couple of week i have to work on weekend because the PATI registration is on.

there is nothing interesting with the bazar. everywhere selling the same thing like laok, kueh, ayam golek..etc..but what make me surprise is the crowd. ramai jugak yang malay came to bazar dressing like going to disco. sleeveless and hot pants..bukan nak berlagak alim, but at least can you respect ramadhan. i know thats ur right and tak kacau hidup orang.

im so speechless bila tengok. one more thing about the price. kuih tepung pelita 4=rm2. roti john=rm3.50.mihun sup daging=rm5..terkejot maakkkkkk....

ok lah..later kalau ade masa nak pergi bazar lain lah pulak..

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